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The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack: Font Index

IBM's more advanced PC video standards had, among other things, hardware-accelerated text output for their high-resolution graphics modes. These were accessed with an API called simply the Adapter Interface ("AI"), and the AI drivers for DOS contained some fonts for this purpose. (There's also an 8x14 size, but it basically copies the EGA/VGA ...

Drivers, BIOS, Firmwares Et Utilitaires Pour Lecteur De CD-ROM permet de télécharger gratuitement toutes les mises à jour nécessaires au bon fonctionnement d'un PC. Les drivers, pilotes, BIOS, firmwares, utilitaires, logiciels et applications sont téléchargeables rapidement et facilement grâce au classement des fichiers par catégories de matériel et par marques. Plus de 1500 fabricants informatiques sont référencés.

Microsoft Driver Downloads - PC Matic Driver Library

PC Pitstop began in 1999 with an emphasis on computer diagnostics and maintenance. During the early days of the dot com boom, our online PC maintenance tools were skyrocketing. Using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer along with ActiveX technology, we could provide free diagnostic and maintenance tools that didn’t need to be installed.

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USB 2.0 Video Capture Card Device, VHS VCR TV to DVD Converter for Mac OS X PC Windows 7 8 10 Capture Card Adapter 1 5 out of 5 Stars. 1 reviews 3+ day shipping


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PC-9800 Series - Wikipedia

The PC-9800 series (Japanese: PC-9800シリーズ, Hepburn: Pī Shī Kyūsen Happyaku Shirīzu), commonly shortened to PC-98 or 98 (キューハチ, Kyū-hachi), is a lineup of Japanese 16-bit and 32-bit personal computers manufactured by NEC from 1982 to 2000. The platform established NEC's dominance in the Japanese personal computer market, and, by 1999, more than 18 …

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